out of the shadows and into

the lIGHT

Sign the #HealthyKidsHealthyMinds Pledge

We’re asking you to take our #HealthyKidsHealthyMinds Pledge to bring child mental illness out of the shadows and into the light. By adding your name, you will be a difference maker who is helping to build awareness for this national crisis.

Once you add your name, we will immediately share with you some options for more small actions you can take today!

I pledge to advocate for the mental health needs of our children.

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As we continue to struggle with a global health crisis, our children are not okay. Globally, 8 million kids age 18 and under lost a parent or primary caregiver to a pandemic-related cause. The loss of a parent or caregiver puts children at elevated risk of traumatic grief, depression, poor educational outcomes, and unintentional death or suicide, and these consequences can persist into adulthood.

Children’s mental health problems are real and common, but they are also treatable. One in seven children in the U.S. — nearly 7.7 million children and teenagers — have at least one diagnosable mental health issue, but because of a lack of funding, a national shortage of child psychiatrists, and the stigma attached to mental illness, half of the children who need treatment do not receive help.

This is a wrong we have to right, and it begins with you.